SkyWay Transport Solutions

SkyWay Transport Solutions

Types of Transport Adopting the best that has been done before us, learning from the mistakes of others, we create the most efficient, safe and reliable transport system of all that ever existed.

High-speed Speed: up to 500 km/h Performance: more than 500,000 passengers/day Maximum gradient: 20%

SkyWay Transport Solutions High Speed

Urban Speed: up to 150 km/h Performance: more than 25,000 passengers/hour Maximum gradient: 45%

SkyWay Transport Solutions Urban

Cargo Speed: up to 150 km/h (suspended), up to 500 km/h (mounted) Performance: more than 200 mln tons/year Maximum gradient: 60%

SkyWay Transport Solutions Cargo

Advantages of technology Advantages of skyway technology are based on experience and achievements of entire humanity in the sphere of road construction and vehicle creation. adopting the best what was created before us, learning from the mistakes of others, we are creating the safest, the most cost-efficient and reliable transport system of all that have ever existed.

  • Safety
  • Eco-friendliness
  • Comparison with other types of transport
  • Comparison with magnetic levitation train
  • Prospects in the world
  • Unibikes (propelled by muscular power of a passenger)

SkyWay Transport Solutions Concept Art

Constituents of Technology Innovative character of skyway technology is due to an original and effective combination of widely known engineering and technological solutions. Each separate component of skyway transport system is not something unique – it is the character of component connection into the system that ensures its unprecedented design and operational features.

SkyWay Transport Solutions Urban Passenger SkyWay Vehicles

  • Types of rails (flexible, semirigid, rigid)
  • Rail structure
  • Beam overpass (comparison with conventional bridge)
  • Passenger unibus configuration
  • Wheels (comparison with conventional ones)
  • Control systems (gps, gprs, wifi, glonass, etc.)

Main Technological Achievements

Resistance to temperature difference

Pre-stressed rail allows to solve the problem of thermal distortion and makes route construction possible even in the most adverse climatic conditions.

High evenness (comparison of ordinary support and SKYWAY)

Uncut structure of a string rail strained between anchor supports gives high evenness of the track and reduces road construction costs by times.

Smooth movement (comparison of bridge and SKYWAY overpass)

More simple design of the supporting node compared to a split flyover makes vehicle movement smooth and comfortable for a passenger.


Vehicle location above the ground level ensures its improved aerodynamic characteristics and significantly reduces energy consumption during movement.

Efficiency of sagging track (energy conservation law)

With special configurations, efficiency of SkyWay transport systems can be additionally improved using a gravity engine.

Carrying capacity

SkyWay transport systems can provide uninterrupted passenger and cargo transportation in volumes, which are satisfactory even for modern megalopolises.


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