Gold Money

Gold Money

Most people don’t realize that today’s paper money is as good as worthless. Were in the 1960’s money was still attached to actual gold. In today’s world money is not guaranteed by anything anymore except governments for a limited amount.

Paper money is based on a negative debt interest cycle, meaning that every single paper and coin money has a debt attached to it. When you take a 20 Euro or Dollar bill, its actual value is not 20 but rather 20 minus its negative interest rate attached to it. 95% of the worlds money is being printed by private companies. Just look at the Federal reserve in the USA, if you investigate this in depth you will find that the US dollar is printed by a private company, that charges a rate to print the money. Because of this reason and many more we find it important to always have some real gold at hand. You never know when you might need it.

Gold is one of the best investment there is. It is always trade-able but we do see this as a long term safety investment rather than a making money investment.

For those people unfortunate to not being able to buy kilo’s of gold, we have found a way were you can step by step acquire gold using a marketing system and step by step payment system to get your own gold. There are options for buying smaller gold bars in different weight classes.

We hope you will find this information useful for you. If you have any questions or need help with setting up your account, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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The Make Money Corp Team

Make Money Corp Team