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What is gold?

Gold is a chemical element with symbol Au as well as a noble metal and is, therefore, highly resistant to oxidation and corrosion. Pure gold is dense, malleable and ductile. Along history, gold in the form of coin served as money. Today, it remains one of the pillars of the international monetary system.

Why is gold so highly valued?

Besides the above-mentioned physical and chemical properties, gold has historical appeal and it is one of the rarest metals on Earth. In the economic field, that translates into a higher demand and a continuous prices growth, being also a financial asset that works well on both extreme inflation and deflation.

What is investment gold?

Investment gold is characterized by having a high fineness: not less than 995 parts of pure gold per 1,000 when in the form of a bar, and not less than 900 parts per 1,000 when in form of coin. The equivalent in carats is 23.88.

Is jewelry considered investment gold?

No. Jewels have artistic value, therefore, upon buying jewels the price is higher than the market value of the part of pure gold they contain. Jewels usually have 585 fineness and consist of pure gold (58.5%) and two auxiliary metals: copper (33.5%) and silver (8%). Such jewels do not corrode and are durable thanks to gold and copper respectively.

Why to buy gold?

Gold is a safe-haven asset that serves to protect capital from inflation and other negative economic factors. Therefore, economic experts suggest to keep 10-20% of savings in gold. Additionally, gold is a highly liquid asset (easily exchanged for cash) in any country of the world.

What forms of investment gold are available to the public?

Investment gold is available in the form of bars and coins. The most popular option among private investors is gold bars weighting from 1 to 100 grams. Bars weighing more than 1 kilogram are normally preferred by large investors and banks.

Is gold purchase subject to taxation?

In most countries there are no taxes for the purchase of investment gold bars.

How are gold bars packed?

Gold bars can be sold either in a package or without it. However, experts recommend to acquire packaged gold bars only. A solid indehiscent case can be made of fully or partly of transparent plastic or polyethylene.

What is a gold bar certificate?

A gold bar certificate is a document issued by a refinery which indicates the gold bar’s trademark, identification number and fineness. Many large gold producers pack gold bars in their certificates: it looks like a laminated cardboard with a transparent ‘window’ to see the gold bar.

What is a refinery?

A refinery is a company which specializes in the production of gold of the highest quality (959, 995, 999.9 neness). It either puts its stamp on the gold bars or delegates this branding right to a bank or to the financial company that orders those gold bars.

What is the LBMA?

LBMA is the London Bullion Market Association whose members are actively engaged in trading, manufacturing, certification, and transportation of gold and silver. It is supported by the Bank of England.

Where to buy investment gold?

It is possible to buy investment gold in banks and stores that specialize in the sale and purchase of investment gold. Purchasing investment gold from unreliable institutions and people is not recommended.

Where to sell investment gold?

If you buy a gold bar to sell it at a higher price – i.e. for investing purposes – ask at once whether the bank or specialized store can buy it back and information on the procedure to be followed.

Is it safe to acquire gold bars on the Internet?

Today, the purchase of investment gold bars on the Internet is quite a usual practice, similar to the online sale and purchase of any other goods and services. However, you need to verify the reliability of the company which offers you such a transaction: read its customer’s reviews and check company’s career in the market.

What is a distance contract?

A distance contract is an agreement between a buyer and a seller or service provider that they conclude without being in the same place by means of telephone, mail or any other communication method. Distance contracts are frequently published on the website of a company or provider and are concluded when making online purchases. Buyers prove their consent with the terms and conditions of a distance contract by accomplishing the registration, ticking in a special tick box or placing an order.

What is a cancellation policy? What consequences can it have?

The buyer can make use of the cancellation policy within 14 days from the date of signing the contract or placing an order without explanation. This action terminates the distance contract and releases the buyer from any obligations implied by the concluded contract. The buyer has to give the goods back to the seller, and the seller has to return all payments received to the buyer.

What can serve as evidence of the conclusion of a distance contract?

Any deal on the Internet is assured with several types of documents:

–   Preliminary agreement about the conditions of the transaction (contract, invoice or invoice contract)

–   Documents confirming the transaction (invoice or bank statement)

–   Payment proofs (payment order, receipt or bill)

What is KYC?

Know Your Client, or KYC, is a policy which obligates financial institutions to identity their clients before conducting operations with them.

What investment gold bars does the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop sell?

The Global InterGold Online Gold Shop offers 999.9 investment gold bars of the highest quality in weights from 1 to 100 grams from top international LBMA-certified producers.

How to buy gold bars in the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop?

Having placed an order for gold bars on the Global InterGold’s official website at, the buyer has two options:

  1. To pay the full amount
  2. To pay the amount in instalments

How to receive your ordered gold bars?

By request, investment gold bars can be delivered to a specified client’s address in the countries where this option is available. Purchased bars can also be obtained at the company’s representative offices or transferred to a certified depository for safekeeping.

How to pay in installments?

By choosing payment in installments, the buyer is obliged to pay for his order in parts within 18 months or less.

What happens if the buyer does not pay for the order within 18 months?

The Global InterGold company does not impose any penalties on the buyer. Upon buyer’s request, the payment term can be extended for extra 6-12 months.

Is the sale and purchase in installments legal?

In international practice, the sale and purchase of goods and services is a standard procedure that can be accomplished in installments. When the full amount is covered, the order is delivered to the buyer at a specified address or becomes available for pick-up at any of the company’s representative offices.

Does the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop buy gold bars back?

Yes. The buyer has the right to sell the purchased gold bars back to the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop at any time.

Where to read the conditions of the sale and purchase of gold bars?

All the terms and conditions of the sale, purchase, and storage of gold bars are specified on the official Global InterGold website at

What is the Global InterGold’s bonus program?

To expand the customer portfolio, the Global InterGold company has developed and implemented a marketing incentives program which includes elements of network marketing. For the successful recommendations of the company’s product and services, clients receive rewards (bonuses) in accordance with the terms of the marketing incentives program.

What is network marketing?

Network marketing (or multilevel marketing) is a business concept based on the creation of a network of independent distributors (agents) who promote goods and services. Apart from distributing and promoting the product, agents are able to invite prospects with the similar rights.

Is network marketing legal?

Network marketing (or multilevel marketing) is growing rapidly worldwide. More and more people opt for this option as their main employment. Network marketing is not banned in any country of the world.

The World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA), the Federation of European Direct Selling Associations (FEDSA) as well as regional associations of direct sales in many countries protect the interests of network businesses and promote their opportunities. The main objective of these organizations is the development of the direct selling industry, consumer protection, and maintenance of ethical standards.

Where to read the terms and conditions of the bonus program?

 On the official Global InterGold website at

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