Best Rewards Tips

Best Rewards Tips

In life there are multiple things you will always use or do. Therefore it is smart to make sure you take advantage of these things you do. You might go on holiday every year, so look into air miles programs or holiday booking sites that offer reward plans. Supermarkets also like to award their loyal customers. So wherever you life, whatever your habits are, look into the possibility to get rewards for your activities. Below we give you some advice we found online that might suit your needs and give you ideas for your life activities.

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How To Choose A Travel Rewards Program

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You can earn free airfare or hotel nights with loyalty programs, even if you only travel a couple times a year. For your best shot at a free or discounted trip, choose your travel rewards program carefully.

If you’re new to the world of travel rewards programs, you probably feel overwhelmed with choices. Just about every airline and hotel chain has its own rewards system, not to mention travel rewards credit cards. However, many programs deliver little in actual rewards. If you arm yourself with a good list of criteria, it’s easy to separate the best travel loyalty programs from the fluff. Luckily for you, we’ve already done that. Read on for a comprehensive checklist you can use to evaluate any travel rewards program, as well as our favorites by category.

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How to evaluate a travel rewards program

Whether you’re a beginner travel hacker or a seasoned pro, everyone wants the same things: discounted, free or upgraded flights, rental cars, and hotel rooms; and perks that create a smoother travel experience along the way. Lots of loyalty programs offer these rewards, but if you scour the fine print you may realize that actually earning a reward is harder than getting a PhD in physics. So what should you look for?

Network size and diversity

The bigger and more varied the network, the greater your options will be for redeeming rewards. For example, Southwest and JetBlue airlines have easy-to-understand loyalty programs, but fly to less destinations than a giant like United or Delta. The larger airlines also partner with international carriers, meaning you might score perks (or at least earn miles) with many other airlines. An airline with  four partners might be better than one with fewer or no partners because you’ll have more flights to choose from and a better chance of finding a seat on the flight you want when you redeem rewards.

Average time to redemption

Will you earn a free flight in your lifetime? Depending on how often you travel, and/or how much you spend with a rewards credit card, your wait time for reward accumulation will vary. Look for the program that will best reward your lifestyle. For example, if you don’t fly frequently, you’ll have better luck earning points toward a free flight from a credit card that gives you points for every dollar spent.

How can rewards be used?

Does the program offer flexibility in redeeming rewards or are its rules restrictive? For instance, an airline rewards program could have so many blackout dates you’re unlikely to find an award ticket during the times you want to travel. Considering what you want to use your rewards for can help you distinguish between a program that’s a good fit and one that’s a waste of your time.

Your best fit

As you can see, a lot of the selection logic comes down to finding the program that best matches your needs and lifestyle. Before you even begin comparing programs, write down a list of what you’re hoping to get out of it: (Free flights and/or hotel rooms for an annual vacation? Smaller perks you can use more often to make your travels more pleasant?) as well as the activities your life already includes that will earn you rewards. For example, a person who travels often for work can easily earn rewards toward leisure travel. Someone who can charge most of their daily expenses and pay off the balance each month can rack up rewards points without getting into credit card debt.


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