Shop worldwide. Your email address and password is all you need.

With PayPal, you can send, spend and manage your money with just one account.

Join the 188 million worldwide who use paypal to buy online, send money, request money, buy and sell on ebay and more


Make an account:

1 Sign up quickly with just a few details.

2 Securely link your bank account and credit card and indicate if your payments should be deducted from your bank account, credit card or PayPal balance.

3 Just use your PayPal login and skip entering your financial info every time.

Check out simply and more securely at thousands of online shops with just an email address and password. You don’t have to type in your card details and personal information.

Keep your secrets.

All you need is your email address and password, or mobile number and PIN. No need to remember all your card details, cryptic codes or secret handshakes.

World of want.

Buy in almost any currency from millions of businesses around the world. We’re available in 202 countries and at least 25 currencies, and do all the conversions for you for a small fee. What a deal.

Shop in One Touch™.

Now speed through check out: enable One Touch™ so you can spend less time purchasing things and more time actually enjoying them. Shop safely with us, only faster.

All in one pay.

Pay instantly for online purchases when you link a credit- or debitcard to your PayPal account. That way you can chose how to pay, and you never have to worry about keeping money in your PayPal account.

Buyer never beware.

Shop with peace of mind, we protect your eligible purchases. If an eligible item doesn’t show up, or turns out to be different than described, we’ll help sort things out with the seller. Plus, all your financial information is stored within your account.

Hold all the cards.

When you use your debit or credit cards through PayPal, they work just the same, but you don’t have to enter the details every time. Just link your card to your account and you can still earn your reward points.

Zero quids in.

Buying with PayPal is free. Fees apply when currency conversion is involved.

Make your money go further with PayPal.

Safer and protected

Shop with peace of mind. PayPal can protect your financial information and PayPal Buyer Protection covers your eligible purchases if they don’t show up or match their description.

Simple and convenient

Pay online with your PayPal password and skip entering your financial info. When you activate One Touch™, you’ll stay logged in and you can check out faster. Plus, PayPal doesn’t require card readers or complicated verification codes.

Across devices, worldwide

With just one account, you can shop at millions of websites around the world, and pay friends back almost anywhere. Use any of your devices to manage your account on the go with the PayPal app.

Mostly free, always upfront

Your PayPal account is free, just like shopping in Euros within the EU. There is only an additional charge in case of currency conversion or when payments to friends and family are deducted from your credit card.


Have a look at the different options and see what best suits your needs.

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Have a look at each page and see what is best for your needs.

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